"Blew my mind."
— Entertainment Tonight

"Dazed and abused."
— Maxim Online

— American Way Magazine

"Confused and amazed."
— Much Music

Asad Mecci

Master Hypnotist

Asad Mecci’s jaw dropping performances have captivated audiences worldwide!

You might have seen Asad on Entertainment Tonight, MTV, Maxim Online, Talk Television, Much Music, or listened as he hypnotized people live on radio stations like CFRB 1010!

Watch the Promo.

You’ll love it.

Don’t worry. Asad does it all.


From casinos, cruise ships & more, Asad captivates the greatest of audiences!

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Hypnosis has a major history in sports, and Asad is a master of hypnosis!

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Whether if your workplace needs a laugh, or your team is in need of deeper focus & goal-orientation, Asad’s proven techniques are your perfect solution!

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Asad works with clients using hypnosis for focus, motivation, relaxation, weight loss, smoking cessation and pain management!

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Master hypnotist, motivational coach, and an all-around funny guy.

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Asad Mecci

Asad Mecci is a consulting hypnotist based in Toronto, Canada where he sees clients in the area of goal-attainment, smoking-cessation and weight-loss. When Asad is not in the clinic, he works as a stress management and communications consultant for fortune 500 companies.

Asad has been hired by major corporations to serve as an expert consultant in the areas of motivation, communication and stress management.  In 2000 he helped Roberto Verri, the host of Talk Television, lose 40 pounds in two months. It was documented on Talk Television and aired live across Canada.

Away from the television cameras and radio waves, Asad has amazed crowds at Canada’s Wonderland, Skydome, Sheraton World Resort, Super Club Breezes and onboard Carnival Cruise Lines. Even within the corporate confines of major companies like Remax, IBM, and Rogers, Mecci has been invited to entertain and motivate employees and management.

When he is not performing on stage, Asad uses hypnosis to help people lose weight, stop smoking, reduce stress, enhance communication skills and achieve peak performance.