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Asad works with clients using hypnosis for focus, motivation, relaxation, weight loss, smoking cessation and pain management.

Consulting hypnotist Asad Mecci takes you on an internal voyage into your unconscious mind. He systematically helps you to lay down the groundwork for total success and goal attainment. Using a combination of direct suggestion, visualization and post-hypnotic suggestions, Asad enables you to achieve your goals easily and effortlessly. Asad has been hired by major corporations to serve as an expert consultant in the areas of motivation, communication and stress management.

As a mental strength coach, Asad teaches athletes to use visualization and mental imagery to enhance their abilities on and off the ice. In 2000 he helped Roberto Verri, the host of Talk Television, lose 40 pounds in two months. It was documented on Talk Television and aired live across Canada. Asad Mecci is a consulting hypnotist based in Toronto, Canada where he sees clients in the area of goal attainment, smoking cessation and weight loss.

Book a hypnosis session with Asad

*due to the Covid-19 crisis all hypnosis sessions will occur over video conferencing (Zoom, Skype, Facetime)


Asad will empower you with the strategies and mental tools that will last a lifetime. Not only will you learn about how to drastically reduce stress, but also how to create a happier work and home environment.




You will learn:
How to define stress
How to deal with stress and reduce it effectively
How stress physically effects the body
Sympathetic and parasympathetic functioning
How to use self-hypnosis for your benefit
How to breath correctly for relaxation


Be delighted and entertained as Asad regales you with stories about how he became a hypnotist. He will discuss how imagery works and talk about how hypnosis can be of benefit in the area of motivation.




You will learn:
How to motivate yourself with hypnosis, visualization, and imagery
Goal-driven imagery
Process-driven imagery
How to stop negative self-talk